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Oddsox grew up on a farm in a semi rural Victorian area called Woodstock.  A place with more paddocks than people, this is the last spot you would expect to find an aspiring hip hop artist.  Having grown up with a deep appreciation of music through watching his older brothers play in bands, by his early teens he had discovered artists like Seth Sentry, 360 and Illy and decide that this was the type of music he wanted to write and perform.


At age 16, while working in a casual job at the local Fun Park, he began writing his own rap lyrics, which would later be turned into songs. What started as a hobby to pass the time turned into an obsession as he filled multiple exercise books with different verses.


The culmination of these writings was an independent mix tape titled “Begin”.

The sound was immature, and the beats were taken from his favourite artists, but the glimmer of his future sound could be felt.  In support of this mixtape Oddsox also released his debut music video called “Waiting for Rain” which has gone on to generate thousands of views.  At the same time, he was beginning his performing career, creating a name on the live circuit as a high energy artist. 


A year later, his next mixtape “Woodstock”, named after his home town, was released. This spawned many successful music videos and singles, and led to a launch show at the iconic “Grumpy’s Bar”, which was packed out.

Since then Oddsox has spent the majority of his time in the studio honing his craft.  His latest creation, a concept EP titled “High School Reunion”, is slated for release in the second half of 2019.  Two singles from the project have already been released: “2024” and “Lonely Road”, the latter of which also had a packed launch show.  


His energetic performances and song writing have also led him to high profile support slots, including opening for Canadian artist Madchild’s Australian tour, and Seth Sentry's "Wrong One" single tour.


Oddsox aims to tell conceptual stories through music, with an honest and thought provoking tone. 

In spite of his successes, he can still be found enjoying the local hip hop scene, where he is happy to share a beer and a chat.